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Maintaining your septic system protects your drinking water and investment in your property. Booso’s Septic Tank Cleaning has capable septic system cleaning specialists waiting to service your septic tank cleaning needs in Lewisburg, OH. We serve a portion of the approximately 25 percent of Ohio’s rural and small town residents who rely on septic systems.

Most systems typically consist of a septic tank and a drain field. Adequately maintained, properly designed and constructed septic tank systems are sufficient for rural and small town properties. However, systems that are not cared for, or serviced adequately, become burdensome expenses for homeowners. Malfunctioning septic tank systems may also become health hazards.

Periodic inspection and septic system cleaning is necessary for properly functioning septic systems. The frequency of septic tank cleaning depends on the tank size. A trained septic tank cleaner knows how to do the job right the first time.

In a properly functioning system, heavy waste sinks to the tank bottom and lighter solids float on the water as a layer of scum. Water-soluble compounds are carried outside to the drain field; while anaerobic bacteria break down the solid waste inside the tank. Aerobic bacteria further break-down the soluble waste in the drain field.

We encourage our customers to save money by taking advantage of our septic tank cleaning services. Typically, our clients’ tanks are cleaned every two years, or more often, if they are smaller older system tanks.

Booso’s Septic Tank Cleaning is proud to serve its clients from its Lewisburg, OH, location. Please contact us for more information about our septic system services in Lewisburg, OH, and its surrounding area.